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tailor made for you
Within the Hotel facilities you can enjoy first class services. We have areas for sports, 2 paddle courts, an outdoor pool and a hot water tank inserted in a pineapple greenhouse. The Hotel is inserted in a farm of 12,000 km2, where you will find numerous spaces to relax. You can also visit our pineapple plantations, so characteristic of our island. We have developed an exclusive area for children, where the little ones can have fun and make friends during the holidays.
We have different transport services at your disposal, upon arrival or departure, as well as during your stay. All of our services and facilities have been designed and thought to offer you the best comfort and the best experience on your vacation or on a weekend getaway.
You can enjoy long, comforting and relaxed hot baths in our hot water tank, which was built inside what was previously used as a greenhouse.
kids club
We know family holiday are the best memories we have of our childhood. Thinking about the youngest members of the family we want to offer unforgettable experiences within a space entirely dedicated to them, with the sole purpose of pampering and entertaining them. The concept of our Kids Club is that children feel that in Senhora da Rosa there are also activities and spaces dedicated just for them (where adults are not needed). In our Kids Club, children enter a world where they are the boss, the creator, the inventor, and of course, where they can make new friends. We have employees who watch and monitor all the games. Parents can also interact within the space for as long as they wish, especially with the little ones who are not yet fully independent. Forget the holidays designed just for adults or just for children. Here we have the best options and facilities for the whole family to have experiences full of adventures and new experiences.
airport transfers
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